The biggest and the oldest planetarium in Poland was founded in 1955 to commemorate a great astronomer - Nicolaus Copernicus. It is provided with Zeiss projection apparatus, placed under the 23 metres dome - the screen of the artificial sky. Almost 400 spectators can watch the programme at the same time.

The planetarium sky is an exact picture of the real firmament under which different lectures take place. Most of them deal with geography, astronomy but musical shows can be attended there as well.

The telescope with 30 cm objective situated in the Astronomical Observatory enables astronomers who work in the Planetarium to follow planetoids and comets.

On fine days, visitors can observe the Sun, and after the sunset - admire the most interesting night objects, even with magnification of 750 times.

Time is measured by the big sun-dial which is situated in the planetarium yard.
The meteorological and seismologic stations are on regular duty. Due to their standard equipment it is possible to run attractive lessons for students.

The exhibition placed in the ring surrounding the dome is worth seeing when you visit the Planetarium. In the video room decorated with the portraits of Polish astronomers, visitors can meet an astronomer and discuss current astronomical events.

The astronomical contest is organized for students showing a great interest in astronomy and physics.

A group of amateurs can take part in the meetings organized by various clubs and also by Silesian Department of Polish Amateurs Astronomical Society.

They can use all the attractions of Planetarium, including the library with over 10 thousand books and magazines.